Welcome to my Homepage!

welcometomyhomepage.net, expanding dimensions, 2014 - ongoing.

Welcome to my Homepage! is an evolving, expanding web-based cyber dwelling. The project fuses the familiar and clashing structures of a colonial/suburban dollhouse and web-architecture reminiscent of early homepages and CD-ROMS as a point of departure for an additive and curated space that is perpetually in flux. I invoke the awkward, unresolved, relentlessly expressive and community-centric early internet to imagine different possible futures in the web. The site can be explored by passive interaction, but it also invites more active participation. It is a vibratory, adaptable framework immune to equilibrium because of the unstable, obsolescing nature of the net, in which elements disappear, change, or malfunction.


Solo Show: It Takes All Sorts

Hello Project Gallery, Houston, TX. April 24-May 23, 2015


Royal College of Art, London, UK. December, 2014


The Goss House, Boulder, CO. December 6, 2014

Installation shots of Welcome to my Homepage at Staycation

welcome to my homepage

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