Convalescing Camcorder and Two Cats

SD video, sound, 4.5 minutes, 2021.

A video diary about aging technology and cats. Recorded on a JVC VHS-C camcorder.

"A gentle commentary on human vanity and obsolescent culture. With the camera at floor level, Stuckey invites the human to take a step back and respect the recalcitrant wisdom of 'technologies' we abandon too hastily when they don't reflect our ideal of perfection. The big gray tabby's grave, eternal gaze looks through us toward something more eternal. So does the old VHS camcorder's patient, textured regard: demagnetization shutters it now and then, like a slowly blinking feline." -Laura U. Marks



The Hmm ON A Lighter Internet

Framer Framed Gallery, Amsterdam, NL. March 30, 2022.

Small File Media Festival

Online and in person at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Aug 10-20, 2021.Category: Portrait of the Artist as a Small File


Short Film Studies Journal, (forthcoming)

Margarita Osipian, The Power of the Poor Image, The Hmm, Mar 22, 2022.

Andrew Northrop, State of the Festival: Bite Size Methodologies - The 2nd Small File Media Festival, Mubi Notebook, Sept 9, 2021.


Video Out Distribution Vancouver, BC, CA